Cheese Spreads Gift Assortment

$21.96 - $56.94

Expert cheese-makers stay true to our time-tested recipes, seamlessly blending each batch of hand-selected ingredients without heat to preserve their farm-fresh flavor. The result? Creamy, mouth-watering flavors that are perfect for every occasion.
  • Our irresistible cheese spreads are made from natural cheese, using only the finest Cheddar & Swiss
  • Spread over your favorite cracker
  • Serve as a dip with veggies
  • Melt atop grilled burgers

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Cheese Spread 2-Pack, 32 oz. (Four 8 oz. Cups) # FWC13042 $21.96
Cheese Spread 4-Pack, 64 oz. (Eight 8 oz. Cups) # FWA13042 $39.96
Cheese Spread 6-Pack, 96 oz. (Twelve 8 oz. Cups) # FWB13042 $56.94
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Cheddar # FW13042
Garden Vegetable # FW13043
Smoked Bacon # FW13044
Swiss N Bacon # FW13045
Ranch # FW13046
Port Wine # FW13047
Garlic # FW13048
Jalapeño # FW13049
Tomato & Basil # FW13050
Onion & Chive # FW13051
Cheddar & Blue # FW13052
Horseradish # FW13053
Sweet & Hot Pepper Relish # FW13084
Quantity: 2  Pack