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DIY Christmas Gift Ideas from Wisconsin

A gift assortment of snack size sausages, bars of cheese, mustards, nuts and trail mix in a rustic wire basket.

Homemade gifts with a Wisconsin flair offer unique Christmas gift ideas for those who want to add a personal touch.


Creating a personalized gift for a friend or loved one takes time—and even creative flair. The next time a big gift-giving occasion draws near, plan on giving simple gifts that reflect how special that person is to you.

Even homemade gifts can have store-bought items in them; how you make DIY gifts is totally up to your personal touch. The key to a perfect present is to know the gift recipient’s likes and dislikes. For example, gifts of food can be cleverly packaged with fun themes.

Here are a few questions to answer before your start shopping:

  • What are their favorite foods and flavors?
  • Which sports or teams do they like?
  • Is there a certain type of music or artists they listen to?
  • What activities do they participate in?
  • Do they like to be pampered?
  • Is there something they would like to receive every month?
  • What gift would they never buy for themselves?

Once those items have been established, consider how your DIY gifts will be packaged. Finding a reusable container that would match their décor or help manage clutter adds value to the overall package. Wicker baskets, canvas totes, colorful buckets, and even antique wooden fruit crates are just a few ideas to load up with goodies. Fill the empty spaces in the container with shredded paper, crumpled colorful tissue paper, rolled-up themed dish towels or printed cloth napkins, etc. If the filler has a dual purpose, that’s an added bonus to the gift!

Purchase cellophane wrap or an oversized gift bag and tie the package with ribbon that coordinates with the colors and theme.



Christmas Gift Ideas for Cheese Lovers

Did you know that Wisconsin wins more international cheese awards than any nation in Europe? Some of the cheeses that made Wisconsin famous include: cheese curds, Colby, and aged Cheddar. People who love cheese will appreciate homemade gifts that include a sampling of creamy and delicious Wisconsin cheese. Be sure to include the gift recipient’s favorite type of cheese, but then add in some new varieties.

Consider these unique cheeses:

  • BellaVitano®—similar to Parmesan, it is inspired by Italian farmstead cheeses
  • Brick—a semi-soft tangy cheese; a smear-ripened version called German Brick is a cousin to Limburger
  • Butterkäse (butter cheese)—extra creamy, mild and buttery, as the name implies
  • Gouda—wrapped in a signature red wax and perfect for a cheese plate
  • Edam—a cousin to Gouda made with skim milk and with a slightly nutty flavor
  • Mobay™—an international and national award winner with a layer each of sheep milk cheese and goat milk cheese separated by with a thin layer of flavorless grapevine ash

Thought Starters for Homemade Gifts Featuring Cheese

You can also include other foods that complement cheese, such as sausage, crackers, jams, honey, chutney, nuts, and more! Specialty cheese knives, cutting boards and display platters are thoughtful add-ons. The DIY part can be a condiment, bread or crackers that you make in your own kitchen. Or perhaps you have a woodworking skill and can handcraft a unique cutting board. If you have an artistic flair, visit a paint-your-own pottery shop and design a cheese serving plate. If you make your own wine or beer, a Wisconsin cheese gift would be the perfect combination.

To get even more ideas for perfect pairing combinations for the Christmas gift ideas that include cheese, this cheese pairing guide will help you navigate the wide world of complementary wine, beer, spirits and foods that will match best with the cheese you decide to send as a gift.


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Published on Aug 08 2016

Last Updated on Jan 04 2017

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