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A stack of grilled cheese sandwiches made with hearty seeded bread and melted white cheese mixed with herbs. Grilled Cheese: A Classic Comfort Food

Knowing how to make grilled cheese will earn you style points. Discover grilled cheese sandwich ideas…including one of the most creative grilled cheese recipes.

A dark brown soup mug filled with Beer Cheese soup, garnished with chopped green onions and cheese shreds. Beer Cheese Soup: A Wisconsin Classic

Wisconsin beer cheese soup is a favorite in pubs and fine restaurants alike. Learn how to make easy beer cheese soup…including in a slow cooker.

A wooden cheese board set with serving tools, an assortment of cheese, crackers, nuts, red napkins and a glass of white wine. Wine and Cheese Pairings for Holiday Fun

A wine and cheese party is a fun idea for the holidays! Enhance your cheese tasting enjoyment with help from a good wine and cheese pairing chart.

A package of Potter's Crackers next to a tub of Port Wine cheese spread, a wedge of cheese, and a glass of wine. Read Up on Wine and Cheese for Book Club Gatherings

When entertaining the book club, don’t forget the wine and cheese. Whet your appetite for lively book discussions with food and wine.

A cheese flight on a wooden and slate tray with four different varieties of cheese, a serving tool, and a glass of wine. Easy Holiday Entertaining with Cheese

Wisconsin cheese and a few easy party food recipes can make you the rock star at any holiday event.

Two Mobay cheese wedges, one upright and one flat, shown on a round wooden display board. Try a Mixed-Milk Cheese for Easy Party Food

Mixed-milk cheese is an interesting gourmet choice for easy party food, especially for cheese and crackers and grilled cheese sandwiches.

A white ceramic tub of white cheese fondue with a fondue fork dipping a chunk of bread. Cheese Fondue Ideas to Warm Up Winter

Cheese fondue is the national dish of Switzerland, and makes for an outstanding date night or a unique winter family dinner.

Two fondue pots of white cheese and chocolate for dipping bread chunks, berries, and banana slices with fondue forks. Cheese Pairing with Chocolate: a Winning Combination

Wine and cheese isn’t the only match made in heaven. Pick your favorite artisanal cheeses and try some cheese and chocolate pairings!

Three varieties of flavored cheese curds, two in bowls, one on brown paper, with a garlic bulb and herbs for garnish. Curd Is the Word: Why Everyone Loves Cheese Curds

Cheese curds are a delicious comfort food loved by kids and adults. Learn how cheese curds are made and discover recipes that use the famous squeaky cheese.

A square white plate displaying pairings of cheese varieties, figs, fruit, seeded bread, and pastrami thins. The Perfect Cheese Platter for Thanksgiving

Cheese could very well have been part of the original Thanksgiving celebration. Make it part of yours with an all-American Thanksgiving cheese plate.

Swiss & Cheddar Cheese 2017 Cheese Champions

The World Championship Cheese Contest and United States Championship Cheese Contest are held in alternating years in Wisconsin. Here are the national award-winning cheeses for 2017.

An Emmentaler cheese wedge and slices on a dark wood display board. Emmentaler Cheese: The Swissest of the Swiss

Emmentaler (or Emmental cheese) is the original Swiss…but you don’t have to import it when there’s great traditional Emmental cheese made right here.

A stacked variety of four different blocks of cheese with sliced red pepper garnish. Types of Cheese: Texture Talk

Knowing the different types of cheese can make your next meal or cheese and wine pairing a success. We’ll teach you the hard and soft of cheese types.

A smiling lady serving samples of cheese at Cheese Days in Monroe, Wisconsin. Cheese Days: A Celebration of Culture

Eat cheese curds, drink beer and rock (yodel) out at Wisconsin’s oldest food festival. In Monroe, Wisconsin, Cheese Days is how we roll…out the barrel.

Berry Cheese Salad Summer Cheese Recipes

June is Dairy Month: a great time for a summer cheese plate and cool sandwiches. We’ve got easy picnic recipes you’ll need to enjoy your dairy best June!

A grilled Havarti cheese and pear sandwich served on a lime green plate with fresh pear wedges for garnish. Picnic Recipes with Cheese

Picnic salads and sandwiches are the staples of summer eating…and cheese makes them better! Learn how to cheese up your summer picnic recipes.

A seasoned ham with slices on a dark enameled platter, with a serving fork, tub of cranberry mustard, and cheese on the side. Leftover Ham Recipes: Soup to Salad

Ham is the gift that keeps on giving. After its starring role in the feast, it goes on to provide ham and bean soup, ham salad, ham casserole and other fare.

A seasoned ham with slices on a platter with citrus halves and leaves for a Holiday showpiece. What to Serve with Ham: Easter Dinner

Easter ham dinner is a tradition for many…but what to serve with ham? We’ll show you what wine goes with ham and—of course—recommend cheese.

A pairings flight of four cheese varieties with glasses and mugs of mulled cider, red wine, and two kinds of beer. Cheese Pairing with Fruits and Spirits

Holiday entertaining is a snap when you pair artisanal cheeses with your favorite fruits, cocktails and spirits.

A gift assortment of snack size sausages, bars of cheese, mustards, nuts and trail mix in a rustic wire basket. DIY Christmas Gift Ideas from Wisconsin

Homemade gifts with a Wisconsin flair offer unique Christmas gift ideas for those who want to add a personal touch.

June Is Dairy Month: Facts About Dairy Foods

Celebrate America’s family dairy farms by kicking back with a tall glass of milk and learning some fun facts about dairy foods.