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Butterkäse: Wisconsin’s Little-Known “Butter Cheese”

With all the richness for which German food is known, this semi-soft cheese might just be your new secret weapon in recipes or the next cheese and wine party.

If you’re looking for a truly versatile cheese that’s a refreshing alternative from the mainstream, we’ve got a suggestion for you. It’s mild enough that kids will love it (and it makes a killer mac and cheese), yet sophisticated enough to serve with fine wines at a grownup gathering. Intrigued? We thought so. Meet Butterkäse.

An image of Butterkase Cheese

What Is Butterkäse, and How Do You Pronounce It?

As you can probably guess, butterkäse comes from Germany, and literally means “butter cheese.” Most Americans would pronounce it “butter case,” but it’s actually pronounced more like “booter-keh-zuh.”

Butterkäse is traditionally made near the Swiss border in Germany as well as in Austria, where it is equally beloved for its creamy texture and buttery taste. It is also called damenkäse or “ladies cheese” because it is odorless and delicately flavored. Thanks to German immigrants in the area, butterkäse is made in the true Alpine tradition here in Wisconsin. It ripens in just one month, making it a young, buttery snack cheese with a mild, approachable flavor reminiscent of American Muenster. It absolutely melts in your mouth…and with a fat content of 50 percent, it is truly decadent.

Butterkäse Recipes: Do I Use It in German Food?

You certainly can, but butterkäse’s creamy-smooth, open texture complements a wide variety of foods. It’s great with sliced ham in a sandwich, melts beautifully over steamed vegetables and burgers, and is fabulous in a grilled cheese (OK, or a panino). Shred it into omelets and quiches. Make a cheese sauce for pasta. And yes, you can put it in German food. Dress up the classic German side dish spätzle with shredded butterkäse and a little butter. Butterkäse is a perfect table cheese, since it can be sliced or even spread if allowed to come to room temperature.

Butterkäse is so mellow and rich it can even be used in desserts to add a buttery richness.

Cheese and Wine…and Other Pairings

As previously mentioned, butterkäse goes well with many foods. This makes it a perfect addition to a wine and cheese party (where you can also show off your incredible knowledge by pronouncing butterkäse). Slice it and serve it on a platter with meats, fruits, pickles and olives, and sourdough bread. If you’re serving a flight of cheese, serve it early so its delicate flavor isn’t overshadowed by a sharp Cheddar or pungent blue cheese. It’s also excellent after dinner with brandy.


Butterkäse goes best with a medium white wine like chardonnay, semillon or a crisp German riesling, but red wine lovers will enjoy it with a robust zinfandel.


A light lager, especially a crisp Pilsner, is the best complement to butterkäse.


Smoked, cured ham

Pepperoni, salami or summer sausage


Grapes, melon, plums

So Where Can I Buy Butterkäse?

Right here at Wisconsin Cheeseman.


Comments (17)

James Gostylo

I am having trouble finding Wisconsin Brick locally. Can I substitute Butterkase in a Detroit style pizza?


Butterkase is a bit too rich, in my opinion. Monterey Jack is closer to Brick, though it would be best to blend it with mozzarella. Thanks for asking!

Kayrenne Walker

After you open a brick cheese purchased on your site once you site how long do you have to store it? I guess I mean by eat date? I have stored it the Fridge since I have received it


An unopened package of cheese should last 1 to 2 months in the refrigerator.

Paul L Martin

When is this Butterkäse available


It’s seasonal since our more delicate cheeses don’t ship during the summer. It will be available roughly September through May.

A Detroit Style Pizza Party - The Tipsy Housewife

[…] quality Brick Cheese. I stopped at Ehlenbach’s Cheese Chalet in DeForest, Wisconsin and got a Butterkase Brick Cheese and a Full Cream Brick for my pizza […]

John Suiter

Looking for brick or btterkase


We’re happy to hook you up! Butterkase can be found here. Brick (the mild stuff) is in a number of our gift assortments, while German-style Brick (sort of like Limburger) can be found here.

Melanie Forghani

I tried this for the first time in New Braunfels Texas. And just realized it’s a German town. Tourist town but German, that’s cool to know. The worker st the deli dept in New Braunfels suggested it to me. It’s become one of my favorites next to Harvarti.


Brought some today at our local grocer. I will be back! :-D Checking to see if any other stores carry it here.


I bought a block of this today at my grocery store (Stop & Shop). It’s Boar’s Head brand. Terrific!

Berni Zisserson

I live in the Boston area. I love Butterkase but Trader Joe’s no longer carries it. Where else is it sold? If I buy it on line can I freeze it?


Thanks for asking! We’re happy to report that we sell an excellent Butterkase:

As for storage, we do not recommend freezing. It will keep in your refrigerator up to one month, but we don’t think it will last that long. :)

Berni Zisserson

I live in the Boston area. I love Butterkase but Trader Joe’s no longer carries it. Where else is it sold? If I buy it on line can I freeze i?


I get a German Butterkase at Costco. It’s delicious


Just from there and enjoying a slice now. It’s divine!

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