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Cheese Board and Card
Cheese Board and Card

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  1. Add items to your cart, and then click Checkout.
  2. Select Create a Wisconsin CheesemanĀ® Credit Account during checkout and accept the Terms & Conditions.
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We'll process your credit application and your order together. Check your email for an order confirmation. Orders and credit applications are usually approved within 24 hours. All credit orders are subject to approval. See Terms & Conditions

World-Class Food Gifts—Low Monthly Payments

Use Wisconsin Cheeseman Credit and get buy now, pay later convenience on a huge selection of artisanal cheeses, sausages, chocolates, fruitcakes and more. Our low monthly payments and fast approval process make it easy to use credit while shopping online or in our catalog. Plus, you can build your credit line with us and save your cash and credit cards for other purchases!