Cheese Curds

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  • TextureCurd
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Fried cheese curds, poutine and more: Wisconsin's favorite snack

A Wisconsin tradition, these nuggets of young squeaky cheese are taken right from the vat before pressing and aging. Eaten as they are or batter-fried, Wisconsin cheese curds are an irresistible treat not often found outside our borders.

Where to buy cheese curds

The Wisconsin Cheeseman, of course! Actually, most cheese factories will sell you fresh, squeaky Cheddar cheese curds onsite, but if you don't have one nearby, we're happy to help.

What is a cheese curd? How are cheese curds made?

Cheese curds are basically baby cheese. When milk has been treated with rennet, it separates into curds (the solid part) and whey (the liquid part). Normally the curds then go on to be made into Cheddar and other cheeses, but some are taken right out of the vat before pressing and aging to be enjoyed as cheese curds.


Beer: American lager, ciders and fruit beers, pale ale, Pilsner, saison ale, wheat ale

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