Farmers Cheese

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  • TextureSemi-soft
  • FlavorButtery, tangy
  • PairingsRed WineWhite WineBeer

Celebrating Wisconsin's farm-to-table tradition

What is farmer's cheese? True to its name, farmer's cheese began as a simple cheese made in a farmhouse. (So did pretty much all cheeses, actually.) What's known as “farmer's cheese” varies worldwide from fresh/soft to semi-soft; in America it tends to be pressed cottage cheese (unripened curds). Wisconsin Farmer's Cheese is similar to Havarti, but typically lower in fat. It has a smooth, supple texture with a buttery, slightly acidic flavor.

Farmer's Cheese Uses

Slice for sandwiches; shred into potato dishes and casseroles; cube for snacks.


Steve Stettler, Decatur Dairy


Wine:Beaujolais, Champagne, chardonnay, moscato, pinot noir, riesling, rosé
Beer:Pilsner, saison ale, sour ale, stout, weiss bier
Foods:Apples, butter crackers, poultry (chicken/turkey), dried fruits, eggs, grapes, ham, nuts, peaches, pears, plums, rye bread, seafood, summer sausage, tomatoes, vegetables, water crackers, whole grain or wheat breads or crackers