Havarti Cheese

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  • Texturesemi-soft
  • FlavorButtery, tangy
  • PairingsRed WineWhite WineBeer

Creamy Havarti Cheese from Wisconsin

Havarti is a semi-soft table cheese originally made in Denmark, and is almost as rich as Wisconsin's Scandinavian tradition. This washed-curd, interior-ripened cheese has a smooth, supple texture with tiny holes and a buttery, slightly acidic flavor. It's also terrific with many foods, and often available flavored with herbs, spices, fruits or vegetables. Slice it for sandwiches, shred it into egg dishes, or cut into cubes for salads.

Where is Havarti cheese from?

Havarti originated in Denmark in the 1800s…but many award-winning versions are made right here in Wisconsin. In fact, in the 2015 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest, the top 5 Havartis were made by cheesemakers from Green County, Wisconsin.

How is Havarti cheese made?

The inventor of Havarti cheese washed the curds in fresh spring water before pressing them into molds and draining off the whey. That's why Havarti is called a “washed-curd” cheese. These cheeses (like Colby and Monterey Jack) tend to be mild in flavor.


Wine: Beaujolais, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, gewürztraminer, merlot, nebbiolo, pinot noir, riesling, rosé, sauvignon blanc, zinfandel
Beer: Pilsner, saison ale, sour ale, stout, weiss bier

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