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  • TextureSemi-soft
  • FlavorPungent
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Wisconsin's uniquely stinky–and delicious–Limburger cheese

The making of Limburger cheese is a dying art…and it doesn't only smell that way. The only surviving Limburger cheesemaker in America is Myron Olson of Chalet Cheese Cooperative in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Revered—and feared—for its legendary aroma, Limburger is actually buttery and mellow with a pungent note. With age, it becomes stronger in flavor, and softer at the core…just as the fanatics like it. Enjoy on crackers or dark bread with onion and mustard.

Limburger cheese smell

Limburger is a smear-ripened cheese. A healthy smear of Brevibacterium linens bacteria helps the maturing process and prevents the growth of undesirable molds. B. linens also happens to be the very same bacterium responsible for human foot odor. Obviously, this cheese hasn't been anywhere near anyone's feet…but if someone tells you Limburger smells like sweaty gym socks, they are technically correct. Thankfully, Limburger tastes far better than it smells.


Myron Olson, Chalet Cheese Co-op


Wine:Beaujolais, cabernet sauvignon, grüner veltliner, merlot, zinfandel
Beer:American lager, Belgian ale, bock, brown ale, pale ale, porter, stout

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