Mixed Milk Cheese

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  • TextureSemi-soft: (varies by cheese)
  • FlavorCreamy/nutty
  • PairingsRed WineWhite WineBeer

Goat's-milk cheese and sheep's-milk cheese

Cows aren't the only source for incredible Wisconsin cheese. Goat cheese has been a tangy, creamy tradition around here since farmers have had goats. So has sheep's milk. More and more artisanal cheesemakers in Wisconsin are creating soft goat cheese (chèvre), sheep cheese and mixed-milk cheeses that rival their centuries-old European counterparts. If you have a passion for well-crafted foods and love to buy American, you owe it to yourself to try a fine goat cheese or other mixed-milk creation from Wisconsin.

Types of goat cheese

Goat's-milk (and sheep's-milk) cheese is made in many styles, as is cow's milk cheese. The most well-known is the log-shaped soft white cheese known as chèvre, which is simply the French word for goat. But artisanal cheesemakers also make Cheddar, Gouda and blue styles, as well as combining goat's milk with sheep's milk and/or cow's milk to produce very interesting mixed-milk cheeses.

Is goat cheese dairy?

The short answer is yes: the milk of all mammals, and the products made from them, are classified as dairy. Some people who are allergic to cow's milk may be less allergic to goat's milk or sheep's milk, as they contain different proteins and are slightly closer to human milk, but only your allergy specialist can know for sure. If you're lactose intolerant, there is very little difference in lactose levels between cow's milk and goat's or sheep's milk.


Wine:vary by cheese
Beer:vary by cheese