Parmesan Cheese

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  • TextureHard
  • FlavorNutty/sharp
  • PairingsRed WineWhite WineBeer

Wisconsin Parmesan cheese is truly grate.

Known as the “king of Italian cheese,” Parmesan is a staple in nearly every American home or pizzeria. Parmesan is named for the city of Parma, in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, where Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese is considered the finest of all Parmesans. But here in Wisconsin, we make a pretty awesome Parmesan ourselves.

Traditional cheesemakers who came here from Italy found that milk from Wisconsin's exceptional terroir made a quality Parmesan that rivals the Old World stuff. In fact, our cheesemakers have the World Championships to prove it.

Does Parmesan cheese melt?

Sort of. Unlike natural melters like Gouda, Havarti or Muenster, Parmesan is a hard cheese with a lot of protein and very little moisture. It will only melt to a certain degree before turning rubbery, so if you're sprinkling it atop a pizza or casserole, only add it for the last few minutes. Otherwise, Parmesan is best grated and blended slowly into an Alfredo or similar sauce. And don't forget to save your rinds in the freezer! Next time you're making soup or stock, just toss in one or two Parmesan rinds to add a nice depth of flavor.

Is Parmesan cheese pasteurized?

Usually. There are many fine Parmesan cheeses made from raw milk, and due to the long aging process (more than 60 days) they are considered safe to eat during pregnancy. To be on the safe side, the SarVecchio® Parmesan cheese made by Sartori and sold by The Wisconsin Cheeseman is made from pasteurized milk.


Wine:Asti spumanti, chardonnay, Chianti, light Italian red, Madeira, malbec, merlot, nebbiolo, pinot gris, pinot noir, Port, riesling, rosé, sauvignon blanc, sherry, tempranillo, viognier
Beer:Amber ale, Belgian ale, brown ale, Cider and fruit beers, IPA, Scotch ale