Provolone Cheese

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  • TexturePasta filata
  • FlavorMild, slightly piquant
  • PairingsRed WineWhite WineBeer

Wisconsin's Provolone cheese puts the deli in “delicious.”

The tradition of provolone cheese was brought to Wisconsin by Italian immigrants, and we think our milk makes some of the finest provolones in the world. Provolone, like its more famous cousin mozzarella, is in the family of cheeses known as pasta filata (“spun paste”). Known in English as “stretched-curd” or “pulled-curd” cheeses, they are made by kneading and stretching the cheese curd under hot water to develop a soft, elastic, stringy texture that is on full display when the cheese is melted, as on a pizza.

Uses for provolone

Provolone's firm texture and robust flavor are a savory delight and a deli classic. Perfect on sandwiches, shredded on pizza or diced on salads.


Wine:Beaujolais, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, Chianti, malbec, merlot, Port, sauvignon blanc, syrah/shiraz, tempranillo
Beer:American lager, pale ale, Pilsner, porter, stout, wheat beer