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  • Texturesemi-soft
  • Flavorbuttery, tangy
  • PairingsRed WineWhite WineBeer

This semi-soft “butter cheese” makes a mean mac-n-cheese

Butterkäse (pronounced booter-keh-zuh) means “butter cheese” in German. Its rich yellow color, creamy, smooth texture and delectably buttery flavor may make you think it has actual butter in it.


Butterkäse is great with sliced ham in a sandwich, melts beautifully over steamed vegetables and burgers, and is fabulous in a grilled cheese.


Steve Stettler, Decatur Dairy


Wine: Chardonnay, grüner veltliner, rosé, sémillon, riesling
Beer: Amber ale, American lager, pale ale, Pilsner, sour ale
Spirits: Bourbon, brandy, rum

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